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What can I expect?


Sessions at Yore therapy are like being in a home away from home. You will feel calm, relaxed and always leave with a smile on your face as I create a positive goal setting environment to enable you to build your better future.

What kind of appointments can I book?

Whether you book your sessions face to face or online, first there will be an initial consultation where I will collect valuable information and help you to discover what is happening within your own mind with the most up to date neuroscience research. 

How many sessions?

The number of sessions varies from one person to the next as each of us and our feelings and experiences are so individual to us. At every appointment we discuss your progress and how you are feeling.Each subsequent session after will consist of 30 minutes talking therapy and 30 minutes relaxation (hypnosis) where you will reconnect with your subconcious mind, to help you to re wire your neural pathways. You will remain fully in control during the hypnosis and will feel very calm and content on leaving Yore therapy. 

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